2023 – Plenary sessions


 Welcoming and Registration of participants

 Introduction to the event: Blandine Ripert (for IFP), Marine Al Dahdah (for GDRI DiSAA), Lorraine Kennedy (for EHESS), University of Pondichéry.


Plenary Talk 1 (connected to Workshop 1 on STS/Infrastructural approaches):

Janaki Srinivasan (IIIT-Bangalore) on The Political Lives of Information

Plenary Talk 2 (connected to Workshop 2 on qualitative methods to study the digital)

Solomon Benjamin (IIT-Chennai) on the ethnography of everyday practices

Plenary Talk 3 (connected to Workshop 3 on quantitative methods to study the digital)

Aasim Khan (IIIT-Delhi) on digital traces and networks


DAY 2 to 4- TUESDAY till THURSDAY 14th till 16th of NOVEMBER

Workshop 1 – Infrastructures/STS approaches

Bidisha Chaudhuri (IIIT-B) /Laurène Le Cozanet (EHESS)/ Janaki Srinivasan (IIIT-B)/ Vidya Subramanian (Jindal).

Workshop 2 – Qualitative methods & Writing

Vincent Duclos (UQAM)/ Christine Ithurbide (CNRS-Passage)/ Loraine Kennedy (CNRS-CESAH)

Workshop 3 – Computational/Quantitative/Mixed methods

Anupam Das (IIM-Kozhikode) / Mathieu Ferry (INED)/ Aasim Khan (IIIT-Delhi)


Day 5- FRIDAY 17th of NOVEMBER

Plenary Talk 4: Renaud Colson (Université de Nantes) on Law and the Digital.

Plenary Round table around digital humanities: Bidisha Chauduri (IIIT-B), Senthil Babu Dhandapani,

Balasubramanian Dhandapani & Ganesh Gopal (IFP).



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