Workshop 3

Interrogating the city from document to archive

The objective of this workshop is to introduce the participants to the history of archival practices, the changing status of official documentation within different institutional frameworks and national agendas over time in South Asia, to the existence of private and sometimes invisible archives as well as providing a hands-on approach to the tools, methodologies, issues and ethics at play in the digital turn of the 21st century. The workshop participants will be introduced to several archives in Karachi (such as the Sindh Archives, the Citizen Archive of Pakistan) as well as other recent archival initiatives across South Asia, ranging from oral history to photography, from small family collections to large-scale digitization at a regional level. Though on a topical level, the workshop will interrogate a variety of media and data, the participants will be encouraged to develop a critical gaze and build a practical engagement with the possibilities and limitations as well as the practicalities and methodologies of interrogating the city, here Karachi, through its many archives.

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