Workshop 1

Heritage, public space and collaborative mapping: conceptions, practices and appropriations

This workshop will focus on the practices of public space in connection with operations of preservation and enhancement of local architectural heritage, both initiated by public authorities and by citizen actions. For that, the mastery of the Geographic Information System (GIS) is useful to realize operations of census, topographic inventory and thematic cartography from localized data and statistics. Free softwares will be privileged for the application exercises aiming at the mastery of the interfacing techniques of cartographic corpuses and various data. More oriented towards civil society, the free OpenStreetMap software is a global for participatory and collaborative cartography allowing the enrichment of spatialized information in real time. Students will be introduced to the principles of acquisition and extraction, but also to the interpretation of geographic information from local fieldwork activity to better question the heritage as a tool for local development and a privileged support of urban policies.

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