Organising committee

Akbar Zaidi – Michel Boivin – Rémy Delage

This first edition of the Social Sciences Winter School in Karachi is the result of an institutional partnership between the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi and the Centre for South Asian Studies in Paris. The steering committee was then composed of Akbar Zaidi (IBA, executive director) and Aqsa Jawed (IBA, lecturer), Rémy Delage (ex co-director of CEIAS) and Michel Boivin (ex co-director of CEIAS). We also thank Shehreena Amin (IBA, Senior Manager External Linkages) for her help at the initital stage of the project. The role of this committee was to design this new edition, to ensure information flow and strategic communication among various institutional partners and donors, to prepare funding proposals and to scientifically coordinate the event from its inception until its end and follow up.

Aqsa Jawed

The coordination of the overall organization (communication monitoring and logistics) has been ensured by several persons, composed of faculty member, research assistants, administrators and engineers without whom the event could have never been implemented: Navid Godil (Office of the Executive Director, IBA) and Abdul Khalid (Travelling and Protocol Officer), Hammad Sarfraz (IBA) and Ayesha Javed (IBA), as well as Wahid Mendil (CEIAS) for web design and communication purposes, Naziha Attia (CEIAS) for the implementation of missions abroad, Abdul Hamid Akhund and Amal Hashim from EFT for the sponsoring, organization of field trips and visits throughout the event. We also thank Grégoire Brault (director) and Iqbal Bhimal (general secretary) for having facilitated the implementation of cultural activities at the Alliance Française Karachi (AFK).

Thanks to all the sponsors and partners:



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