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Selected students per workshop for Social Sciences Winter School 2014

We are happy to announce that 51 students have been selected for participating to the Social Sciences Winter School in Pondicherry, 2014. You can find below the lists of selected students per workshop, dispatched according to their preferences and their profiles.

The breakdown per workshop is as follows: Workshop 1 (13 students) / Workshop 2 (12 students) / Workshop 3 (13 students) / Workshop 4 (13 students).

The final list can be downloaded here: Student profile per workshop.


Social sciences research conducted on the topic of health aims to analyze the transformation of societies and of their environment, while examining the vulnerabilities and inequities these transformations may produce on the health and care of populations. These changes can be understood through the prism of family, of gender, of migration, and of the social environment. All these entries enable researchers to study population health and care given to individuals.

Weakened by the economic crisis and the austerity plans in both developed and developing countries, and constrained by a growing social demand, developing countries find it more and more difficult to ensure their sovereign functions, such as the financing of quality health services. In addition, although they are supported by international bodies, new ways of funding health schemes, such as the universal health care and payments based on performance, often remain at the level of political discourse and/or remains poorly evaluated. Now, with a growing pressure on them, the poorest households have yet to fulfil their duty of mutual aid and support for sick people. Therefore, not only social inequalities in the field of health become a central focus of many research projects in social science research, but health and its societal challenges become also a transversal and multidisciplinary research object. This particular theme of health has then stimulated in the recent past the development of particularly fruitful research methods in social sciences. Access to these methods for young scholars was the purpose of the first edition of the Social Science Winter School in Pondicherry.

Four international and multidisciplinary teams of experts had been constituted so as to propose to the public of students four sub-themes, with a focus on disciplinary and specific methodological aspects of research:

  • Workshop 1: Universalisation of health care: questions, methods and assessments
  • Workshop 2: Impact evaluation of public health policies and development programmes
  • Workshop 3: Analysis of health controversies in a global context
  • Workshop 4: Transformations in health and medicine. Conceptualisation and assessment in the social sciences

You can find below the detailed programme and download it here Winter School Programme 2014.





10:00-11:00         Formal Inaugural of the Social Sciences Winter School Continue reading HEALTH AND SOCIETAL CHANGES – 2014

Consortium and co-financing for Social Sciences Winter School 2014

Institutional partnership is based primarily on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2011 between the French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP) and the  Pondicherry University, and validated by the University Grant Commission (UGC) in New Delhi. As an autonomous college and research center affiliated to  Pondicherry University, the IFP can develop educational and research activities through direct partnerships with Indian universities, and to award diplomas recognized in India.

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