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Labour and Development 2018

Each edition of the Winter School is based on a cross-cutting theme in the field of social sciences, taken as a guideline throughout the training workshop. For the 2018 Edition, the following theme has been chosen: “Labour and Development ”. The major thread of this 2018 Social Sciences Winter School in Pondicherry will be to address societal challenges at the intersection between labour and development. 

The Booklet with all details can be downloaded through the following link: SSWSP 2018_Booklet

Bio data of the Experts: Social Sciences Winter School 2016

Venkatesh Balasundaram Athreya has made a remarkable contribution to the growth of Department of Economics at Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli where he served from 1977 to 2008 when he retired. He has also held faculty positions/Fellowships/Visiting Scholarships in a number of reputed academic institutions in India and abroad. These include the University of Wisconsin and Bucknell University in the USA, Oxford University and the University of Cambridge in UK, Lund University in Sweden, the Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies in Copenhagen, IIT, Chennai, MIDS, Chennai and CDS, Thiruvananthapuram. He has written over a hundred research papers including several research reports and monographs. He has authored/coauthored five books. He has been actively involved in the areas of gender, literacy and development as both planner and social activist. He has won a number of awards and honours, the most recent one being the Distinguished Achievement Award for Political Economy in the 21st Century by the World Association of Political Economy in May 2014. Continue reading Bio data of the Experts: Social Sciences Winter School 2016

Workshop 1: Documenting Processes of Spatial Mobility: Qualitative and Ethnographic Approaches

Workshop 1 : Documenting Processes of Spatial Mobility: Qualitative and Ethnographic Approaches


  • Dr Rémy Delage : Geographer (Centre for South Asian Studies, CNRS-EHESS, Paris / IFP, Pondicherry)
  • Dr Aurélie Varrel : Geographer (IFP, Pondicherry / Centre for South Asian Studies, CNRS-EHESS, Paris)

Invited Tutors:

  • Dr Tristan Bruslé : Geographer (CSH, New Delhi / Centre for Himalayan Studies, CNRS, Paris)
  • Prof. Mohammed Abdul Kalam : (Dept. of Sociology, Tezpur University, Tezpur, Assam)

Workshop 2: Using Survey Data to Understand Social and Geographical Mobility

Workshop 2:  Using Survey Data to Understand Social and Geographical Mobility


  • Dr Christophe Jalil Nordman – Economist (IRD, DIAL and IFP, Pondicherry)

Invited Tutors:

  • Prof. Aswhini Deshpande – Economist (Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi)
  • Dr Véronique Gille – Economist (IRD, DIAL, France)
  • Prof. Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay – Economist (Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi)