Bio data of the experts (Winter School 2022)

Have a look at the bio data of the organizers, tutors/mentors and speakers during the Social Sciences Winter School in Karachi 2022.


  • Professor Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi: historian, IBA, Karachi
  • Rémy Delage: geographer, CEIAS (CNRS-EHESS), Paris
  • Aqsa Jawed: economist, IBA, Karachi
  • Michel Boivin: anthropologist, CEIAS (CNRS-EHESS), Paris


  • Suneela Ahmed: architect, NED, Karachi
  • Amer Bazl Khan: Archaeologist, MAHI, KArachi
  • Rémi Boivin: sociologist, Paris
  • Vanessa Caru: historian, CEIAS (CNRS-EHESS), Paris
  • Jean-Baptiste Clais: ethnologist and curator, Musée du Louvre, Paris
  • Rémy Delage: geographer, CEIAS (CNRS-EHESS), Paris
  • Eric Denis: geographer, CNRS, Géographie-cités’ Lab, Paris
  • Laurent Glattli: PhD candidate in history, Humboldt University, Berlin
  • Arif Hasan: architect and planner, Karachi
  • Heba Hashmi: archaeologist, MAHI, Karachi
  • Zoé Headley: anthropologist, CEIAS (CNRS-EHESS), Paris
  • Amen Jaffer: sociologist, LUMS, Lahore
  • Corinne Lefevre: historian, CEIAS (CNRS-EHESS), Paris
  • Anila Naeem: architect, NED, Karachi
  • Delphine Ortis: anthropologist, associate member at CEIAS
  • Newal Osman: historian, IBA, Karachi
  • Ali Samoo: historian, KUL, Karachi
  • Masooma Shakir: architect, NED, Karachi
  • Aaliyah Tayyabi: anthropologist, Citizens archive of Pakistan, Karachi
  • Yves Ubelmann: architect, ICONEM, Paris
  • Irene Valitutto: PhD candidate in human geography, University of Paris 1- Panthéon-Sorbonne, PRODIG, Paris

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