Photographs: Health And Societal Changes (Winter School 2014)

  • Photo Booklet of Health and Societal Changes 2014
  • Inaugural Session
  • Steering Committee
  • Scientific Committee
  • Student Volunteers
  • Workshop 1/Universalisation Of Health Care
  • Workshop 2/Impact Evaluation of Public Health
  • Workshop 3/Analysis of Health Controversies
  • Workshop 4/Health,Medicine and Gender
  • Break time &  Refreshment
  • Restitution by Students
  • Valedictory
  • Good Bye
  • Pondicherry Visit

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Christophe Jalil Nordman (2016, May 6). Photographs: Health And Societal Changes (Winter School 2014). SOCIAL SCIENCES WINTER SCHOOLS IN SOUTH ASIA. Retrieved May 18, 2024, from

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