Training Programme (Winter School 2018)

The training will run through five consecutive days and will be articulated around two poles: the plenary sessions and the methodological-disciplinary workshops, as  detailed below.

  • The plenary sessions: for one day (3rd  December 2018) will have 3 presentations, presented by experience researchers. The aim is to present the state of the art, overview of the theoretical and methodological issues on a particular research topic.
  • The methodological and disciplinary workshops: for the following three full days (4 -6 December 2018), three workshops à la carte for small groups will be devoted to tutorials. It will discuss theoretical models, text analysis, survey methods and data collection, data analysis, etc.
  • Knowledge restitution: The training will end (7th December 2018) with a half-day of knowledge restitution and delivery of certificates later to the participants.

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