Workshop 3/ Analysis of health controversies (Social Sciences Winter School 2014)

A methodological workshop proposed by:


Mathieu Quet, (Communication Sciences, IRD, Paris);

Vincent Duclos-Belanger, (Anthropologist, University of Montreal, Visiting Fellow at College d’Etudes Mondiales, Paris)

Invited Tutors:

Marine AL Dahdah, (Sociologist/Information technologies, IRD-CEPED, Paris)

Lalitha Narayanan, (Economics, Gujerat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad)

To be announced


The analysis of sociotechnical and health controversies emerged during the 1970s and 1980sas a dynamic subfield of the new sociology of science. It was promoted in France through the works of the Actor Network Theory (Latour 1987), in England through the Social Studies of Knowledge (Shapin, Schaffer 1985) and in the USA by researchers of Science and Technology Studies (STS) (Nelkin, Pollak 1981). The central focus of such analysis is on debates and conflicts raised by scientific and medical issues.

For a more detailed presentation of the workshop click here Workshop 3

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