Workshop 2/ Impact Evaluation of Public Health and Development Programs and Policies (Social Sciences Winter School 2014)

A methodological workshop proposed by:


Sumit MazumdarDemographer, Institute for Human Development, 1New Delhi

Christophe Jalil Nordman, Economist, Institute of Research for Development, DIAL, France

Invited Tutors:

Flore Gubert, Economist, Institute of Research for Development, DIAL, France

Camille Saint-Macary, Economist, Institute of Research for Development, DIAL, France


Health policy analysis in low and middle-income countries worldwide has increasingly veered towards evidence-based approaches. Assessment of the most optimal – effective, efficient, and affordable – policies and interventions in complex systems encountered across the developing world can be best undertaken with sound knowledge of scientific evaluation methods and techniques.

For a more detailed presentation of the workshop click here Workshop 2

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